Proposing Scientific Activity

Scientific activity at IMSI takes four basic forms:

  • Long programs at IMSI bring together interdisciplinary groups of researchers to explore questions relevant to the Institute’s themes.  They generally last 3 months and take place during the autumn or spring quarter, but alternative timing can be considered if there are compelling reasons.  Participants include organizers, long- and short-term research members, graduate students, and workshop attendees.
  • Workshops at IMSI are typically interdisciplinary in character, and up to a week in length. They need not be confined to Institute themes.
  • Interdisciplinary Research Clusters (IRCs) bring small groups of researchers together at IMSI to collaborate on a nascent but promising projects within the scope of Institute themes.  IMSI will provide seed funding to advance such projects.  Selected successful projects will be provided with additional strategic support to target external funding opportunities to develop further.
  • Research Collaboration Workshops (RCWs) involve active collaboration by small teams to advance research projects within the scope of Institute themes. The goal of an RCW is for each team to obtain a new mathematical result via work performed before and during the workshop. Each team will have two senior leaders and two to four junior members. We expect most RCWs will focus on at least one outreach or diversity goal

Further descriptions of each of these forms of activity and the process for proposing them are described in more detail below.