Applications of Mean Field Games: from Models to Practice
November 16-19, 2021


The paradigm of Mean Field Games (MFG) has become a major connection between distributed decision-making and stochastic modeling. Starting out in the stochastic control literature, it is gaining rapid adoption across a range of industries. The objective of this workshop is to give a clear vision of how MFG tools are being used in practical settings, both in complement and in contrast to the usual methodologies. The workshop will gather researchers both from industry and universities and will focus on diverse application areas.

Applications to Financial Engineering
December 6-8, 2021


Mean field theories, Mean Field Games, and Mean Field Control are theoretical concepts which can naturally be brought to bear in applications to financial engineering. The workshop will examine how they influenced the development of financial mathematics theoretical works and the implementation of financial engineering solutions to problems involving large ensembles of individuals or robots optimizing their behaviors in uncertain and complex environments.

Mathematical Advances in Mean Field Games
December 13-17, 2021


Complex societal problems can be studied and modeled through the mathematical theory of Mean Field Games. Indeed MFGs are a mathematical modeling approach to stochastically evolving systems which involve a large number of indistinguishable rational agents that have the same optimization criteria. The theory of MFG is very lively and productive at the moment and several important results have been achieved that can be applied to engineering, economics, finance, social sciences, In this final workshop we present recent analytic, probabilistic and numerical advances in this theory.