Emergent Behavior in Complex Systems of Interacting Agents

Analysis, Control, and Learning


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This workshop will bring together researchers interested in the phenomenon of emergence in complex systems of interacting agents. Such systems are ubiquitous in science and engineering, and include the flocking of birds and schooling of fish, celestial dynamics, phototaxis in bacterial populations, consensus formation, and the coordination of unmanned aerial vehicles. As complex dynamical systems, their study is highly nontrivial, and relies on a wide range of techniques, including tools from mathematical analysis, data science, and control theory. The goal of this workshop is to assemble researchers from these disciplines to present recent work, and to foster interdisciplinary collaborations between mathematicians, data scientists, and control theorists. Researchers will gain new perspectives and insights on the phenomenon of emergence, as well as new tools to tackle the challenging problem of modeling and predicting complex behavior.


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James Green Clarkson University
Trevor Leslie Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
Ming Zhong Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)


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