Communications Bootcamps

As part of our mission to improve the communication skills among mathematicians and statisticians, IMSI is proud to offer several bootcamps to help early career researchers develop their skills. The bootcamps, offered online and in person, build skill sets applicable to academic and non-academic careers, and enhance individuals’ ability to realize their broader communication goals. 

When participants complete all three bootcamps, they qualify for recognition of their work through a LinkedIn Badge.

Storytelling & Narrative Structure

Storytelling isn’t just for fiction writers. In order to write a successful grant application or a compelling teaching statement, you must leverage narrative structure that pulls the reader along. This workshop teaches the scientific literature on why narratives are so compelling for the human brain, and includes hands-on activities developing narrative structure.

None currently planned

How to Write for a General Audience

Have you ever wondered how a scientific paper is picked up and covered in news outlets like The New York Times or the Washington Post? This workshop teaches attendees about the process of how journal articles are translated into press releases and how those releases are picked up and made into news stories. Attendees learn to evaluate what makes a scientific finding newsworthy and practice recognizing and replacing jargon to improve the readability of their own work.

None currently planned

Job Talks & Stage Presence

No matter how exciting a researcher’s work is or how well they’ve rehearsed their slides for a talk, stage presence is key. Knowing how to use the surrounding space, how to recover from a mistake, and how to project vocally so that even those in the back of the room can hear are key to a successful talk. This workshop develops attendees’ presentation skills, so they’re comfortable during their next presentation.

None currently planned


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