Proposing Workshops

Workshops at IMSI are typically interdisciplinary in character, and up to a week in length.  They need not be within the scope of Institute themes. Workshops are generally scheduled a year in advance, but shorter timelines may be considered if circumstances warrant.  Standalone workshops are most often scheduled during the winter (January-March) or summer (June-August), but may be scheduled during other times of year if time is available on our workshop calendar.  Proposals for workshops should include the following elements:

Workshop organizers are asked to work to attract a diverse group of participants, where diversity is measured across a number of dimensions, including gender, race, ethnicity, career stage, employment sector, and research area.

Workshop proposals can be sent to [email protected].  Proposals will be considered by the Directors and the Scientific Advisory Committee, and revisions may be requested.  Unless there are compelling reasons, workshop proposals should be approved a year or more in advance. Once proposals are approved, the Director will set the budget.  Registration for workshops is managed through the Institute.