Proposing Long Programs

Long programs at IMSI bring together interdisciplinary groups of researchers to explore questions relevant to the Institute’s themes.  They generally last 3 months and take place during the autumn or spring quarter, but alternative timing can be considered if there are compelling reasons.  Participants include organizers, long- and short-term research members, graduate students, and workshop attendees.  The typical structure of a long program includes:

Proposals for long programs will be vetted by the Institute’s Directors and Scientific Advisory Community, and will generally develop into their final form through a collaborative process.  The process of developing a full proposal typically begins with a preproposal which addresses, at a minimum the following questions:

Preproposals can be sent to .

Full proposals are expected to include the following components:

Proposals can be sent to .

The Director will typically discuss the overall budget for the program and commitments of support for program organizers and key participants once a proposal has been approved.  The remainder of the long and short-term participants will be chosen from a pool of applicants during the academic year before that in which the program will take place.  The selection process is managed through the Institute by the Directors in consultation with the program organizers.