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Simulation of a quantum system is getting increasingly more important in fields like sustainable energy, green catalysis, and quantum materials. To further this field, an efficient and accurate description of high-dimensional functions for solving the many-body Schrödinger equation is needed. At the core, many of the persisting challenges that need to be addressed are essentially mathematical. The purpose of the Summer school is to provide students with a self-contained introduction to electronic structure theory, spanning from the basic analytical investigations of the Schrödinger equations to hands-on computational experiences using state-of-the-art techniques e.g. coupled cluster and tensor network methods.

This summer school is intended for junior graduate students (first three years of a PhD program) or senior undergraduate students (last two years of an undergraduate program) at the time of application. Funding for travel and lodging is available for accepted applicants who are not local to Chicago. Specifics including travel guidelines and maximum reimbursement limits will be communicated at the time of acceptance.


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Applications are due Monday, December 15, 2024


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Interested applicants should meet the following requirements. You can still apply if you have not yet taken a course or had a prerequisite at time of application, but will have done so by the time the program begins in August 2025 (please explain in the course section of the application):

  • Numerical linear algebra:
    • Solving linear systems
    • Matrix factorization: QR, SVD 
  • Calculus:
    • Newton’s method, Fixpoint iteration
    • Solving PDEs: basics methods such as separation of variables 
  • Coding:
    • Basic knowledge of Python or MATLAB


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Fabian Faulstich Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Yuehaw Khoo University of Chicago


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