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Interfacial phenomena can be observed in many fields and across vastly different scales, such invading population of species in a shifting climate, the geographical spread of epidemic infections, the growth of cancer tumors at the cellular level, and the propagation of electric signals in neuroscience. This workshop focuses on interfacial phenomena and emphasizes the role of analysis of partial differential equations in understanding them. We aim at exposing students and researchers to challenging problems in the fields of biology and life sciences and the development of new mathematical frameworks to advance current understanding.

This workshop will include a poster session for early career researchers (including graduate students). In order to propose a poster, you must first register for the workshop, and then submit a proposal using the form that will become available on this page after you register. The registration form should not be used to propose a poster.

The deadline for proposing is November 4, 2024. If your proposal is accepted, you should plan to attend the event in-person.


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Bei Hu University of Notre Dame
Adrian Lam The Ohio State University
Benoît Perthame Sorbonne Université


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