Research Workshop

Confronting Climate Change

Confronting Climate Change

March 1-5, 2021

This workshop will take place online.


  • Vera Hur (Mathematics, UIUC)
  • Bo Li (UIUC)
  • Robert  Rosner (Astrophysics, Chicago)
  • Ryan Sriver (UIUC)
  • Robert Trapp (Atmospheric Science, UIUC)


The workshop will bring together leaders in mathematics, statistics, and atmospheric sciences to confront grand climate challenges and their impacts. It will also serve as a precursor of a semester-long program. A major goal of the program will be to develop next-generation suites of science-driven mathematical and statistical tools and capabilities to address decision-relevant climate hazards and impacts, foster new multidisciplinary collaborations through workshops between host universities and partner institutions, and integrate young scientists and researchers into industry, private sector, and academic research through workshops and embedded research projects with affiliated universities, national labs, and private industry. The frequency, duration, and intensity of climate and weather extremes, such as extreme precipitation events, hurricanes, droughts, heat waves, floods, and severe weather outbreaks, are changing. Climate extremes such as these pose major risks to natural and human systems at local to regional scales. New mathematical and statistical techniques are crucial to understanding the dynamics and interactions between global climate and decision-relevant regional impacts and human health hazards. New methods and diagnostic tools are needed to evaluate weather/climate properties and extremes using a combination of observations, models and downscaled products, focusing on decision-relevant time scales and with an expanded sampling of known uncertainties.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Amy Braverman (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech)
  • William Collins (Lawrence Berkeley Labs)
  • Edwin Gerber (New York University)
  • Chris Jones (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  • Mikyoung Jun (Texas A&M University/University of Houston)
  • Klaus Keller (Penn State)
  • Boualem Khouider (University of Victoria)
  • Robert Kopp (Rutgers)
  • Robert Lund (University of California – Santa Cruz)
  • Doug Nychka (Colorado School of Mines)
  • Raymond Pierrehumbert (Oxford)
  • Leslie Smith (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
  • Richard Smith (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  • Susan Solomon (MIT)
  • Michael Stein (Rutgers)
  • Laure Zanna (New York University)

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