Jude Higdon on Small Town Policing

Data scientists tackle policing data in small towns

Carry the Two
Carry the Two
Jude Higdon on Small Town Policing

Show Notes

We have another guest host this episode, with Jude Higdon. Jude is the Chief Information Officer at Bennington College and co-founder of the QSIDE Institute. Jude led the charge during IMSI’s Research Collaboration Workshop that was aimed at addressing small town policing.

Using the road map laid out by the Small Town Policing Accountability (SToPA) Lab, Jude’s team developed a toolkit for procuring, structuring, and analyzing policing data in small towns that lack the resources and systems to make their own data public. By the end of a month at IMSI, Jude’s team had a prototype that can empower small community-based participatory action research.

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Curious to learn more? Check out these additional links:

QSIDE Institute: https://qsideinstitute.org/

Small Town Policing Accountability previous research: https://bigdata.duke.edu/projects/small-town-policing-accountability/

Submit a Research Collaboration Workshop proposal to IMSI: https://www.imsi.institute/proposals/collaboration/

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Follow Jude Higdon: https://www.bennington.edu/about/college-leadership/jude-higdon

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