Robert Rosner and Paul Wilson on Oppenheimer

Before Oppenheimer’s bomb, there were nuclear fission tests conducted under the University of Chicago football stadium

Carry the Two
Carry the Two
Robert Rosner and Paul Wilson on Oppenheimer

Show Notes

The world, and the US in particular, have a complicated history with nuclear fission. Splitting atoms led to both the development of nuclear energy and weapons with catastrophic power. In the film Oppenheimer, director Christopher Nolan explores these issues.

Here we expand this examination to the seminal work done in the Midwest. In this episode of Carry the Two, we speak with nuclear engineer from the University of Wisconsin, Paul Wilson, and University of Chicago physicist, Robert Rosner. They unveil how the University of Chicago was a key research site that tested theories of Oppenheimer and his colleagues, allowing the United States to win the race in building a nuclear weapon.

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