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IMSI 2022-23 Flyers

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Topological Data Analysis Poster Session

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Presenter: Tahmineh Azizi (Kansas State University)
Title: Topological Patterns in Ecology
Presenter: Veronica Ciocanel (Duke University)
Collaborators: Adriana Dawes, Riley Juenemann, Scott McKinley
Title: TDA for biological ring channels
Article, Video
Presenter: Russell J Funk (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Collaborator: Thomas Gebhart
Title: The Emergence of Higher-Order Structure in Scientific and Technological Knowledge Networks
Presenter: Niklas Hellmer (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Collaborator: Pawel Dlotko
Title: A Discrete Prokhorov Metric for Persistence Diagrams
Presenter: Miroslav Kramar (University of Oklahoma)
Title: Towards Understanding Complex Spatio-Temporal Systems
Presenter: Alexander Rolle (TU Graz)
Collaborator: Luis Scoccola
Title: Multi-parameter persistence, clustering, and density estimation
Presenter: Alexander D Smith (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Collaborators: Spencer Runde, Alex Chew, Reid Van Lehn, Victor M. Zavala
Title: Topological Data Analysis: Applications in Molecular Simulation
Presenter: Álvaro Torras Casas (Cardiff University)
Collaborator: Ulrich Pennig
Title: Persistence Spectral Sequences: Applications and Stability
Presenter: Yu Qin (Tulane University)
Title: Comparing Distance Metrics on Vectorized Persistence Summaries
Presenter: Renata Turkes (University of Antwerp)
Collaborator: Jannes Nys, Tim Verdonck, Steven Latré
Title: Noise robustness of persistent homology on greyscale images across filtrations and signatures
Presenter: Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson (CUNY – College of Staten Island)
Collaborator: Sayan Mukherjee
Title: Multiple Hypothesis Testing with Persistent Homology
Presenter: Sayonita Ghosh Hajra (California State University, Sacramento)
Collaborators: Kristine Pelatt; Jici Huang; Rebecca Glover
Title: Topological shapes of election speeches
Presenter: Pedro Conceicao (University of Aberdeen)
Collaborators: Dejan Govc, Jānis Lazovskis, Ran Levi, Henri Riihimäki, Jason P. Smith
Title: An application of neighbourhoods in digraphs to the classification of binary dynamics
Presenter: Josué Tonelli-Cueto (Inria Paris & IMJ-PRG)
Collaborators: Peter Bürgisser, Felipe Cucker
Title: Computing the Homology of Semialgebraic Sets via TDA
PDF version
Presenter: Francesca Tombari (KTH)
Collaborators: Wojciech Chachólski, Alvin Jin, Martina Scolamiero
Title: Homotopical decompositions of simplicial and Vietoris-Rips complexes
Presenter: Elyse Borgert (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)
Collaborators: Wesley Hamilton, Thomas Hamelryck, J.S. Marron
Title: Persistent topology of protein space
Presenter: Min-Chun Wu (Penn State University)
Collaborator: Vladimir Itskov
Title: A topological approach to inferring the intrinsic dimension of convex sensing data
Presenter: Håvard Bakke Bjerkevik (TU Graz)
Collaborator: Michael Lesnick
Title: $ell^p$-Distances on Multiparameter Persistence Modules
Presenter: Justin M Curry (SUNY Albany)
Collaborators: Haibin Hang, Washington Mio, Tom Needham, Osman Berat Okutan
Title: Decorated Merge Trees for Persistent Topology
Presenter: Miguel O’Malley (Wesleyan University)
Collaborators: Sara Kalisnik, Nina Otter
Title: (Persistent) Magnitude and Data
Presenter: Brenda L Praggastis (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Collaborators: Davis Brown, Emilie Purvine, Madelyn Shapiro, Bei Waang
Title: Deep Data Profiler: A Platform and Methodology for the Analysis and Interpretation of Neural Networks
Presenter: Erik J Amezquita (Michigan State University)
Collaborators: Michelle Quigley, Tim Ophelders, Jacob Landis, Dan Koenig, Dan Chitwood, Elizabeth Munch
Title: Using topology to analyze the shape of barley
Presenter: Golnar G Gharooni Fard (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Collaborators: Varad Deshmukh, Elizabeth Bradley, Chad Topaz, Orit Peleg
Title: A Persistent Homology Approach for Characterizing Honeybee Behavior during Food Exchange
Presenter: Matt Piekenbrock (Michigan State University)
Collaborators: Jose Perea
Title: Fast persistence computations in sparse dynamic settings
Presenter: Paul Samuel Ignacio (University of the Philippines Baguio)
Collaborators: Jay-Anne Bulauan, David Uminsky
Title: LUMÁWIG: A bypass approach to bottleneck distance
Presenter: Siddharth Vishwanath (Pennsylvania State University)
Collaborators: Kenji Fukumizu, Satoshi Kuriki, Bharath Sriperumbudur
Title: Robust Persistence Diagrams using Reproducing Kernels
Presenter: Benjamin Roycraft (University of California Davis)
Collaborators: Johannes Krebs, Wolfgang Polonik
Title: Bootstrapping Persistent Betti Numbers and Other Stabilizing Statistics
Presenter: İsmail Güzel (İstanbul Technical University)
Collaborator: Atabey Kaygun
Title: Hierarchical Clustering and Zeroth Persistent Homology
Presenter: Péguy Kem-Meka Tiotsop Kadzue (Academia Avance)
Title: Topological Data Analysis : ToMATo Clustering
Presenter: Elise McMahon (Glaxosmithkline, Cornell University)
Collaborators: Channa Jayawickreme, Evan Rosa-Roseberry, Stan Martens
Title: Using Mapper to Represent Biological Changes in a Cell
Presenter: Arnur Nigmetov (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Collaborators: Aditi Krishapriyan, Nicole Sanderson, Dmitriy Morozov
Title: Topological Regularization via Persistence-Sensitive Optimization
Presenter: Mehmet Emin Aktas (University of Central Oklahoma)
Collaborator: Esra Akbas
Title: Two New Hypergraph Laplacians in Diffusion Framework
Presenter: Nikola Milicevic (University of Florida, Gainesville)
Collaborator: Peter Bubenik
Title: Applied Topology Using Cech’s Closure Spaces
Presenter: Aras Asaad (Oxford Drug Design)
Collaborators: Dashti Ahmed, Rasber Rashid, Taban Majeed
Title: Persistent Homology to Detect Fake Faces and Videos
Presenter: Mario R Gomez Flores (Ohio State University)
Collaborator: Computational Aspects of Persistence Sets
Title: Applied Topology Using Cech’s Closure Spaces
Presenter: Rituparna Basak (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Collaborators: Chao Cheng, Ryan Kozlowski, C. Manuel Carlevaro, Luis A. Pugnaloni, Miroslav Kramar, Hu Zheng, Joshua Socolar, Lou Kondic
Title: Application of computational topology to analysis of granular material force networks in the stick-slip regime
Presenter: Senthil Mudaliar (US Army)
Title: Saving lives in Multi-Organ Failure: We need a method to improve clinical decisions in real-time
Presenter: Ling Zhou (Ohio State University)
Collaborator: Facundo Memoli
Title: Persistent homotopy groups of metric spaces
Article, Presentation
Presenter: Milton Chi-Chong Wong (University of Macau)
Title: PersFormer: A Transformer Model for Persistence Diagrams
Presenter: Darrick Lee (University of Pennsylvania)
Collaborator: Chad Giusti
Title: Signatures, Lipschitz-Free Spaces, and Paths of Persistence Diagrams
Presenter: Chao Cheng (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Collaborators: R. Basak, M. Kramar, L. Kondic
Title: Insight from topological data analysis into precursors to stick-slip events in sheared granular systems
Presenter: Jehan Ghafuri (The University of Buckingham)
Collaborators: Hongbo Du, Sabah Jassim
Title: Sensitivity and stability of pretrained CNN filters