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Confidence Sets for Causal Orderings

Mladen Kolar, University of Chicago

Tuesday, November 7, 2023


Causal discovery procedures aim to deduce causal relationships among variables in a multivariate dataset. While various methods have been proposed for estimating a single causal model or a single equivalence class of models, less attention has been given to quantifying uncertainty in causal discovery in terms of confidence statements. The primary challenge in causal discovery is determining a causal ordering among the variables. Our research offers a framework for constructing confidence sets of causal orderings that the data do not rule out. Our methodology applies to structural equation models and is based on a residual bootstrap procedure to test the goodness-of-fit of causal orderings. We demonstrate the asymptotic validity of the confidence set constructed using this goodness-of-fit test and explain how the confidence set may be used to form sub/supersets of ancestral relationships as well as confidence intervals for causal effects that incorporate model uncertainty.


Joint work with Sam Wang and Mathias Drton.