Research Workshop

Aggregate dynamics in models with heterogeneous agents

Aggregate dynamics in models with heterogeneous agents

Part of the long program on Distributed Solutions to Complex Societal Problems

October 27-29, 2021

Organizer: Fernando Alvarez (Economics, University of Chicago)


This conference invites participants to present and discuss current research on models with the following features. The heterogeneous agents feature refers to agents solving dynamic problems subject to idiosyncratic random shocks, each agent with non-trivial interactions with the remaining agents. The “aggregate dynamics”  feature refers to the focus on the understanding and characterization of the dynamics of the entire system, either itself subject to aggregate shock or as a deterministic system, using analytical or numerical techniques. Examples of such models are variants of Mean Field Games, but we are considering a broader set of complex societal problems. We expect to have presentation of models with applications in several fields in economics and intersections with other disciplines. 

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