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Quantum Error Correction


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The route towards fault-tolerant quantum computation passes by quantum error correction, through which we encode the information in a redundant manner in a large Hilbert space and correct for occurring errors by continuously monitoring certain physical observables. Many experimental platforms have moved in recent years towards preparing the ground for efficient error correction. Error correction remains, however, an extremely challenging task, mainly because of large hardware overhead requirements but also because of challenging classical electronics requirements for real-time probing of error syndromes, online data processing, and error correction by feedback. This is the point where quantum error correction joins quantum control, and particularly feedback control and online parameter estimation for open quantum systems. In this regard, the workshop will both consider the so-called measurement-based feedback methods and autonomous feedback methods based on reservoir/dissipation engineering.


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Liang Jiang University of Chicago
Mazyar Mirrahimi Inria Paris
Pierre Rouchon Mines Paris Tech


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