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Quantum Sensing


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Quantum sensors have already significantly revolutionized our lives, with applications including atomic clocks and global positioning systems. Distinct from classical sensors, quantum devices can achieve the more  favorable Heisenberg scaling limit. In practice, however, there are imperfections, noise and decoherence that might potentially prevent reaching this optimal quantum behavior. What are the fundamental limits of various quantum quantum sensors? How can we overcome practical imperfections (e.g. noise, imperfect measurement)  and build robust quantum sensors? What are the novel applications of quantum sensors? This workshop will bring the math and physics communities together to investigate quantum metrology and explore novel quantum sensing protocols.

This workshop will include a poster session. In order to propose a poster, you must first register for the workshop, and then submit a proposal using the form that will become available on this page after you register. The registration form should not be used to propose a poster.

The deadline for proposing is August 11, 2024. If your proposal is accepted, you should plan to attend the event in-person.


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Aashish Clerk University of Chicago
Sisi Zhou Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics


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