The Architecture of Green Energy Systems: The Underlying Problem and Its Challenges Poster Session

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Presenter: Beyzanur Aydin (University of Vermont)
Collaborator(s): Beyzanur Aydin, Mads Almassalkhi
Title: Pushing Radial Networks to Their Limits by Using Convex Inner Approximations
Presenter: Xin Chen (Texas A&M University, College Station)
Collaborator(s): Na Li
Title: Scalable Data-Driven Decision-Making for Smart Sustainable Power Systems
Presenter: Mazen Essam Sayed Elsaadany (University of Vermont)
Collaborator(s): Mads Almassalkhi
Title: Reach and Hold Flexibility Characterization of Thermostatically Controlled Loads
Presenter: Dakota Hamilton (University of Vermont)
Collaborator(s): Samuel Chevalier, Amritanshu Pandey, Mads Almassalkhi
Title: Envisioning the Future of Power System Operations: An Energyshed Framework
Presenter: Olga Kuznetsova (Aalto University)
Collaborator(s): Laia Amorós
Title: Persistent homology for detecting carbon dioxide dynamics from space
Presenter: Meiyi Li (University of Texas, Austin)
Collaborator(s): Javad Mohammadi
Title: Green Grid Synergy: Using AI to Connect Local Energy Resources
Presenter: Mark Noll (Northwestern University)
Collaborator(s): W. Neal Mann, Todd Levin
Title: An empirical analysis of generators’ operating reserve offers in the ERCOT electricity market
Presenter: Camilo Perez (Soil Net LLC)
Title: Fueling Adoption: REnewable Energy Byproducts in Focus
Presenter: Hugo Santarem de Araujo (Cornell University)
Collaborator(s): José Daniel Lara, Jacob Mays, Bri-Mathias Hodge
Title: Echo State Networks For Short-Term Regulation Reserve Deployment Forecasting
Presenter: Matthew Paul Viens (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Presenter: Shixiang Zhu (Carnegie-Mellon University)
Title: Quantifying Grid Resilience Against Extreme Weather Using Large-Scale Customer Power Outage Data