Machine Learning for Climate and Weather Applications Poster Session

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Presenter: James Franke (University of Chicago)
Title: Unsupervised classification of full-disk geostationary satellite images for tropical cyclone analysis
Presenter: Takuya Kurihana (University of Chicago)
Title: Insight into cloud processes from unsupervised classification with a rotationally invariant autoencoder
Presenter: Elena Orlova (University of Chicago)
Collaborator(s): Haokun Liu, Raphael Rossellini, Rebecca Willett, Benjamin Cash
Title: Enhancing Subseasonal Climate Forecasting with Climate Model Ensembles and Machine Learning
Presenter: Ivan Sudakow (The Open University)
Title: Machine Learning-Based Emulators of Sea Ice Surface
Presenter: Claire Valva (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
Collaborator(s): Edwin P Gerber
Title: A data-driven analysis of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation with Koopman modes
Presenter: Yinling Zhang (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Collaborator(s): Nan Chen
Title: A Causality-Based Learning Approach for Underlying Dynamics of Complex Dynamical Systems