Randomness in Topology and Its Applications Poster Session

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Presenter: Mishal Assif P K (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Collaborator(s): Yuliy Baryshnikov
Title: Classifying Spaces for Data-Driven Analysis of Dynamical Systems
Presenter: Gisela Daniela Charó (University of Buenos Aires)
Collaborator(s): Denisse Sciamarella
Title: Templex : a method to study the topological fingerprinting of dynamical systems
Presenter: Juan Carlos Díaz-Patiño (Instituto de Neurobiolog√≠a)
Collaborator(s): Zeus Gracia-Tabuenca, Isaac Arelio Ríos, Nelsiyamid López Guerrero, Sarael Alcuauter.
Title: Topological Data Analysis applied to the study of the functional brain connectome.
Presenter: Mario R Gomez Flores (Ohio State University)
Collaborator(s): Facundo Mémoli
Title: Discriminative Power of Persistence Sets
Presenter: Shengli Jiang (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Collaborator(s): Nanqi Bao, Alexander D. Smith, James J. Schauer, Reid C. Van Lehn, Manos Mavrikakis, Nicholas L. Abbott, Victor M. Zavala
Title: Scalable Extraction of Information from Spatio-Temporal Responses of Liquid Crystals Using Topology
Presenter: Shu Kanazawa (Kyoto University)
Collaborator(s): Yasuaki Hiraoka, Jun Miyanaga, Kenkichi Tsunoda
Title: Large deviation principle for persistence diagrams of random cubical filtrations
Presenter: Nkechi Nnadi (Wayne State University)
Collaborator(s): Daniel Isaksen (Supervisor)
Title: A Distance for Simplicial Complexes in Topological Data Analysis
Presenter: Osman Berat Okutan (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences)
Collaborator(s): Soheil Anbouhi, Washington Mio
Title: Analysis of Functional Data on Geometric Domains
Presenter: Sarah Percival (Michigan State University)
Collaborator(s): Enrique Alvarado, Robin Belton, Kang-Ju Lee, Sourabh Palande, Emilie Purvine
Title: Adaptive Covers for Ball Mapper
Presenter: Chun Yin Siu (Cornell University)
Collaborator(s): Gennady Samorodnitsky, Christina Lee Yu, Caroline He
Title: Betti Numbers of Preferential Attachment Complexes
Presenter: Živa Urbančič (Durham University)
Collaborator(s): Jeffrey Giansiracusa
Title: Ladder Decompositions in Persistent Homology
Presenter: Xinyi Wang (Michigan State University)
Collaborator(s): Erin Wolf Chambers, Elizabeth Munch, Sarah Percival
Title: A Distance for Geometric Graphs via the Labeled Merge Tree Interleaving Distance