Two Dimensional Random Geometry Poster Session

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Presenter: Daniel Amankwah (University of Iceland)
Collaborator(s): Jakob Björnberg, Sigurdur Örn Stefánsson, Benedikt Stufler and Joonas Turunen
Title: The scaling limit of uniform series-parallel maps
Presenter: Gefei Cai (Peking University)
Collaborator(s): Morris Ang, Xin Sun, Baojun Wu
Title: 3-point Connectivity for 2D Critical Percolation
Presenter: Alicia Castro (University of Bordeaux)
Title: 2D random geometry for quantum gravity
Presenter: Pranav Chinmay (CUNY – Graduate Center)
Collaborator(s): Shirshendu Chatterjee, Jack Hanson, Philippe Sosoe
Title: Robust construction of the incipient infinite cluster in high-dimensional percolation
Presenter: Charles Devlin (University of Chicago)
Collaborator(s): Ewain Gwynne
Title: Almost Sure Convergence of Variants of LFPP
Presenter: Xingjian Di (New York University Shanghai)
Collaborator(s): Nina Holden, Zhenfeng Tu
Title: Quantum annuli as a mating of trees
Presenter: Vivian Olsiewski Healey (Texas State University)
Collaborator(s): Osama Abuzaid, Eveliina Peltola
Title: Large deviations of Dyson Brownian motion on the circle and multiradial SLE_0+
Presenter: Andrew Y Lin (Stanford University)
Collaborator(s): Jacopo Borga
Title: Permuton Convergence for High-Dimensional Permutations
Presenter: Haoyu Liu (Peking University)
Collaborator(s): Xin Sun, Pu Yu, Zijie Zhuang
Title: BCLE wrapping probability and fuzzy Potts one-arm exponent
Presenter: Takuya Murayama (Kyushu University)
Title: A question on the uniqueness of constant coefficients in the multi-finger Loewner equation
Presenter: Yizheng Yuan (University of Cambridge)
Collaborator(s): Valeria Ambrosio, Jason Miller
Title: Chemical distance metric for non-simple CLE
Presenter: Bart Zonneveld (Radboud University)
Collaborator(s): Timothy Budd, Thomas Meeusen
Title: From Novice to Elite: Four levels of tree bijections for hyperbolic surfaces