This was part of Mathematical Methods for Quantum Hardware

Nonreciprocity in and beyond quantum information processing

Anja Metelmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Monday, July 11, 2022

Abstract: The concept of dissipation engineering has enriched the methods available for state preparation, dissipative quantum computing and quantum information processing. Combining such engineered dissipative processes with coherent dynamics allows for new effects to emerge. For example, we found that any factorisable (coherent) Hamiltonian interaction can be rendered nonreciprocal if balanced with the corresponding dissipative interaction. This powerful concept can be exploited to engineer nonreciprocal devices for quantum information processing, computation and communication protocols, Abstract Body: e.g., to achieve control over the direction of propagation of photonic signals. However, although nonreciprocal concepts are realizable in quantum architectures, nonreciprocity itself holds up to the classical level and is not inherently quantum; the fundamental aspects of nonreciprocity in the quantum regime have yet to be fully investigated. In this talk we will address these aspects and discuss routes of how nonreciprocal concepts can find application beyond quantum information processing.