Long Program Information for The Architecture of Green Energy (Summer 2024)


Sandwiched between the opening and closing workshop is an eight-week research program that researchers at all levels are encouraged to apply to.  The purpose of this program is to produce ideas and research in the green energy space that address issues raised in the opening workshop or subsequent discussions.   Researchers on site (and remote) are encouraged to form “project” groups, focusing on a specific issue for which group members collaboratively provide complementary skills.  The “project” may be a reading group, an existing research problem, a specific question, a response to a call for proposals, or some other networking activity.  It is expected that at least two members of the group will be present at IMSI for a period within the eight weeks.

Each week will consist of a couple of “second day seminars” where newly-arrived researchers in the program at IMSI will provide a 20 minute talk that will introduce them to other researchers, describe their proposed research project at IMSI, its current status and its goals (optional for students and post-docs).  Furthermore, each week there will also be a “review/progress” meeting where one or more of the groups outlines progress on their project and current needs or next steps.  Both of these will be available for hybrid participants.

There will also be a weekly “brown bag” lunch where informal discussions with at most two slides will foster new problems or group building.  Four sessions devoted to communications bootcamp training will be spread throughout the program for interested participants.

An informal morning coffee each day will also help broad interactions, while snacks and tea will be provided each afternoon for follow up discussions on the days activities.  The remainder of the time is for research – discussions, modeling, writing, explorations – we aim to make this a productive time for all present.

All researchers are able to participate in all activities.   However, we see distinct learning and networking opportunities for early career researchers, including access to the collaborative research process and interaction with leaders in the field, the chance to build up a new network of colleagues with varied skills and at different career stages, the chance to learn communication strategies from IMSI staff, and a supportive environment to allow thought processes to develop and mature.  

Calendar of Events

This public Google calendar lists currently planned events for non-workshop weeks; events begin in June 2024 (you might have to scroll):

Suggested Background Reading

The organizers have shared a white paper (opens a PDF) as suggested background reading for long program participants. (It is also available at:  https://www.geec.auckland.ac.nz/geecpublications/ )

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